Our Commitment

  • Quality Statement
  • Commitment / Social Responsibility
  • Employee Relations
Quality Statement

Ritaj is committed towards the continual improvement of our quality.
Quality is a necessity, not an option for us, which we fulfill by providing utmost customer satisfaction.

Commitment / Social Responsibility

We shall preserve the environment and our natural resources. We will use our knowledge and skills to reduce pollution, eliminate hazardous practices and decrease wastage. We will utilize our resources wisely in hopes of a cleaner and greener future. We also believe that our success should benefit the community and that our prosperity should influence the local economy.

Employee Relations

We consider our workforce one of our critical assets and attribute our success to their ruthless hard work, dedication and spirit. We strongly believe that healthy employer-employee connections increase the productivity, motivation, and confidence of the workforce.

Our employee relation experts explain policies, managers, advise employees and management on issues concerning them. Particular focus to resolve internal problems, keep positive relations, and strike a balance between the employee’s needs and the Company.